Why Edu.Chat

Improve Communication

Make it easier for you and your students to discuss and interact with each other outside the classroom as they learn new material, work on class projects, and prepare for exams


Lower the barriers for all your students to ask questions. Empower students to ask questions on Edu.Chat with the ability to anonymously post; encouraging participation

Stay Connected

Keep your students up-to-date with everything in Edu.Chat - messages, questions, and documents automatically saved so that they never miss out on important class information


Edu.Chat lets you build active learning communities around your course with real time messaging that help your students stay motivated and engaged.

Whether its a 1:1 private conversation or group discussion, Edu.Chat makes it simple for your students to continue to collaborate and learn from their peers even after class has ended for the day.


Host digital office hours and answer questions at your convenience. Manage the times when you want students to contact you. Your digital portal will make it easier for you to strengthen your relationship with students as you address important course questions and create discussions around interactive media and documents

Your Digital Teaching Assistant

Save time answering redundant questions, such as when assignments are due or when to catch office hours. Every time you answer a course related question on Edu.Chat, you train your Class_Bot to answer for you the next time a student asks a similar question. This way you can avoid repetitive questions, and focus your time on higher quality teaching and get back to your research.

Bring your students together and make collaboration come alive

Ready to get your class started?